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Business Registration

Business Registration or LLC is the world’s largest market with ease. For USA company registration, physical presence or travel to the United States is not required. The process can be completed online in less than a week.

If you are located outside the United States and wish to form a company in the US (either to open a US bank account and/or merchant account, open a physical US branch or any other reason), then we’ve created this step-by-step resource to explain the process, show you exactly what you need and how we can help you. Note that “Incorporate” means to form a “Corporation” and “Form an LLC” means to form a “Limited Liability Company” (LLC) .

If any of the owners of the company (called “Shareholders” for Corporations and “Members” for LLC’s) are not US Citizens, then you have the option of either forming a Corporation (also called a “C-Corporation” or “Regular Corporation”) or an LLC. There’s another entity type called an “S-Corporation” but that entity requires all shareholders to be US Citizens.

There is no restriction on the number of owners for a US Corporation or LLC, which country the owners are from or whether they are individuals or other companies (foreign or domestic corporations, LLC’s, etc.). However, your home country may have restrictions on which type of US company may operate in that country so it’s important you consult your local laws and if necessary contact an attorney familiar with your situation and US law if you are unsure of local requirements.

Services we offer :

  • Search name availability in your State and resolve any Conflicts
  • Draft your articles of Organization
  • Act as your Registered Agent
  • Provide a preliminary Operating Agreement