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Copyright Registration

Copyright forms to register a copyright are essential to protect you from copyright infringement. This article will take you through various concepts related to and about a copyright, including what is a copyright, what is copyright registration, how to copyright your literary work, how do I copyright my musical work, and how do you get copyright for computer software.

A copyright is an exclusive legal right granted to a creator of an original work to publish and sell that work. Copyrights authorize authors of literary work, composers of musical work, or artists to exclusively produce, publish, sale or distribute the copyrighted work for a specified number of years.

The creator of an original work can protect and register his/her copyright by forwarding a copyright application to the Copyright Office. A copyright application must contain the name and address of the owner of the work, as well as details of the work. If all the required information cannot be recorded on the basic copyright application form, an applicant can use a continuation sheet. A continuation sheet is supplied by the copyright office, and it accepts no other attachments along with the application form.

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